• Ionized Water for Household Cleaning

    02/05/2011 , by alkaline 2

    If you’re just using your water ionizer to produce alkaline water for drinking you are missing out on the “household cleaning” benefits you have available right at your tap.  Both alkaline and acidic ionized water can be used for cleaning and sanitizing.

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  • Kangen Water Comparison – SD501

    02/05/2011 , by alkaline 5

    Are “Kangen Water Machines” from Enagic the best or just the most expensive?  Here we’ll take a look at the company’s SD501 Model in comparison to other water ionizers in the same price range.

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  • Why Alkaline Water Does a Body Good

    22/04/2011 , by alkaline 7

    The common concept of how alkaline water benefits the body is this:  Drinking alkaline water reduces acidity.   This over simplification has proven rich fodder for alkaline water debunkers and left people looking for ways to improve their health confused.  Is drinking alkaline water really better than drinking any other kind of water? This explanation of […]

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  • Dehydration increases despite bottle water sales growth

    12/03/2011 , by alkaline 5

    For years health professionals have been beating the “drink more water” drum and it hasn’t all fallen on deaf ears.  With the body being made up primarily of water (95% of your brain, 82% of your blood, and 90% of your lungs) it seems like a logical idea that hydrating it will keep this machine […]

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  • Ionizer Of The Year!

    03/04/0201 , by alkaline 3

    Congratulations to Tyent USA, LLC. They have won our coveted “Ionizer of the Year” award. Tyent’s MMP-9090T shines against the competition. We have tested all major brands in various categories including. 1.) Ease of Use 2.) Plate size, design and material 3.) Power method and wattage 4.) Filtration 5.) Price 6.) Warranty 7.) Aesthetics 8.) […]

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