• Evontis Maintenance

    26/01/2012 , by alkaline 0

    Does high performance mean high maintenance?  Just how much time will you spend performing the recommended maintenance on the Evontis Elite? The Evontis Elite is the most powerful, non-commercial water ionizer available on the market today, but what kind of maintenance is required to sustain its highly rated performance?  Let’s take a look.

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  • Enagic Maintenance

    25/01/2012 , by alkaline 9

    Enagic water ionizers require the same basic maintenance as most other water ionizers.  Filter replacement and internal cleaning.  Although you do not have to replace the filters in an Enagic water ionizer as often as you do with most other models – you will spend more time performing regular cleaning. Let’s take a look at […]

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  • Tyent Maintenance

    23/01/2012 , by alkaline 0

    Tyent water ionizers are low maintenance, but some maintenance is required to ensure that the best quality water is continually produced and to ensure long term performance.  These are basic maintenance procedures that are required with any water ionizer.

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  • KYK Maintenance

    20/01/2012 , by alkaline 0

    Every water ionizer will require some basic maintenance to ensure water quality and long term performance of the unit.  So what type of maintenance does the KYK G2 water ionizer require? Let’s take a look…

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  • Men’s Health – Treating Athlete’s Foot

    18/01/2012 , by alkaline 2

    Although it’s true that some women do suffer from episodes of athlete’s foot, the affliction is arguably more a “men’s health” issue.  The burning and itching of even the most minor occurrence can have you scanning the aisles at your local drugstore for a quick cure.  But what if the most effective treatment was sitting […]

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  • Men’s Health – Acidic Water in the Bathroom

    17/01/2012 , by alkaline 0

    There’s a lot of information out there about ionized acidic water uses for women, but we men seem to have been left out of the conversation.   In this series of articles I’ll be covering some of the most common ways that men can benefit from using ionized acidic water. We’ll start with the most obvious […]

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  • Scary Truths About Soft Drinks Part 3: Diet Soda

    16/01/2012 , by alkaline 1

    Think you’re doing yourself a favor by choosing a diet soft drink with artificial sweeteners instead of a regular soda?  You might be surprised at what a recent study found about links between diet sodas and weight gain.

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  • Scary Truths About Soft Drinks Part 2: Flame Retardants and More

    13/01/2012 , by alkaline 0

    If you’re enjoying your favorite soft drink right now you might want to set it down to read this.   Did you know that the majority of soft drinks contain chemical additives that the FDA has declared are unsafe for consumption?  Chemical additives that other countries have banned for use in food and beverages? So what […]

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  • Scary Truths About Soft Drinks Part 1: Basic Facts

    12/01/2012 , by alkaline 0

    In this three part series we’ll take a look at the hidden truths about soft drinks and their impact on health.  We’ll start with some basic facts about soft drinks and what researchers have to say about their affect on our health. Americans consume carbonated drinks at the rate of about 13 billion gallons a […]

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  • Men’s Health: Treating Jock Itch

    08/01/2012 , by alkaline 0

    Most men have dealt with the burning and itching of jock itch at some point.  If you are an athlete, live in a warm, humid climate or work in the heat, then jock itch may be a frequently ongoing problem. Ionized acidic water can treat and prevent the condition.  It’s a cost effective cure for […]

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  • Huge Profits Being Made Selling Water Ionizers…

    16/11/2011 , by alkaline 0

    There is only one way to get truly legitimate alkaline, ionized water.  This amazing water is created through the electrolysis process which occurs inside the water cell of a electric water ionizer.  These amazing machines have changed the lives of so many and the last 5 years have been an unprecedented growth period for this […]

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  • What You Get for the Money – $1,000 to $1,999

    15/11/2011 , by alkaline 0

    This is the second most popular price point for customers looking to purchase a water ionizer for use in their home. You can find a lot of good products around the middle of this price range if you’re willing to sacrifice a little in plate size, power, warranty and overall performance.  Still, any of these […]

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  • What You Get for the Money – $2,000 – $2,900

    14/11/2011 , by alkaline 0

    This is one of the two most popular price ranges for water ionizers and there are several companies offering good quality machines in this price range.  More people purchase water ionizers in this price range than any other. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular models in the $2,000 […]

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  • What You Get for the Money – $2,999 to $3,800

    11/11/2011 , by alkaline 0

    If you’re going to spend in this price range you should definitely expect to get more for your money than the average consumer.  Power, performance, design, usability – you’re paying more, you should expect more. Let’s take a look at what a $2,999 to $3,800 water ionizer investment will get you in today’s market…

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  • What You Get for the Money – $3,900 and Up

    10/11/2011 , by alkaline 0

    This is the first in a series of articles designed to help you get the most out of the money you decide to invest in a water ionizer.   We’ll look at what you should expect from a water ionizer based on price – starting from the top and working our way down. Today we’re going […]

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  • Kangen Water – Is it Better for You?

    26/10/2011 , by alkaline 1

    Chances are you found this article because you’ve seen a Kangen Water demonstration or have been told about the incredible health benefits of drinking Kangen Water.  If that’s the case, then you were probably told that only a Kangen Water Machine made by Enagic can produce Kangen Water – and that you can only get […]

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  • Artificially Alkaline Water

    22/10/2011 , by alkaline 1

    Lately there have been a lot of questions from consumers confused about the newly fabricated marketing term “artificial” or “unnatural pH” and water ionizers.  This explanation should set the record straight about so-called “artificial pH” as well as provide insight on the source of this myth. The “unnatural pH” stories are well written and quite […]

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  • Protect Yourself From Scams!

    21/10/2011 , by alkaline 0

    The water ionizer industry has taken the world by storm.  With great success, comes greed and jealousy from other water filtration companies who are experiencing a decrease in sales because people are finally starting to understand the value and benefits in drinking alkaline ionized water.  This article will point 5 of the latest and greatest […]

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